Folie à Deux Deco

Loosely translated a Folie à Deux means shared madness. And that's exactly what Folie à Deux Deco is. A shared madness between two people for  art, art of nature , taxidermy, osteology, entomology, fossils, minerals and all the things  that come with it.  The two people being:




Owner of Ohmega Decoration where he builds all kinds of artifical (rock) landscapes for zoos and themeparks and stages for festivals.  If he isn't busy with carving concrete he works at an atelier for taxidermy and osteology where he cleans  the bones,  builds articulated skeletons, and makes  moulds and replicas. All the replicas , paintings and the artworks  that you will see in here are made by Dick.





I'm the owner of Folie à Deux Deco and this webshop. 


If you haven't caught our virus yet we definitely hope you'll do after visiting our shop.